The Royal 40

A plush 40mm grass with softness & fullness. This premium synthetic turf needs no sand infill and wont crush under foot. With quad-tone filament for a hyper realistic effect and UV stabilisation, The Royal is the top of the tree when it comes to synthetic turf.

From the high density stick pile and stablised filaments, the Royal 40 covers it all. Our Next Generation synthetic turf has the comfort under foot unmatched by any other turf on the market. Our super high stitch rate holds its shape well before the others have folded.

The Royal 40 delivers seamless joins, natural texture and a soft fall bed for active kids.

Our Evergreen promise means a no-mow solution for time savvy Mums & Dads. It truly is a set and forget option.

Ideal for

  • Around the pool
  • Front & backyards
  • Courtyards
  • Roof top gardens
  • Down the side of the house,
  • Under playgrounds